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Dining Chairs

An object of daily use turns into a fine complement to your home decor: this is the philosophy
behind Natuzzi Italia's chair collection, designed with the utmost care for detail.


With its visual softness and comfort, the Ambra chair is a constant invitation to have a seat.

The Brera chair embodies the perfect balance between generous proportions and accurate design, enhanced by leather upholstery.


Era is a simple, functional chair featuring a contemporary look and minimalist design.

The outstanding craftsmanship of the Hedi chair is a blend of history, tradition and artisan skill.

The outstanding design of the Lisa chair expresses perfection and balance between strength and lightness.

Mama 6

This soft dining chair features a floral-inspired design that evokes the outline of petal.


The solid-wood moore dining chair is designed to complement the maritime-inspired contemporary deck table, which evokes the landscape, architecture and lifestyle of Apulia.

Fully upholstered in leather or fabric, the Pi Greco chair features a durable metal frame for the legs and backrest, and unique padded seats.

Explore the forms of nature and find out how they can be used in design. A new dining chair with an enveloping design that evokes the shape of a flower, Rose uniquely combines tradition and innovation through style and elegance.

Square shaped chair with a contemporary impact. Sigma features a metal frame padded on the backrest and seat, which it superior comfort.

Created by designers Bernhardt & Vella, the design of the Sonata chair plays with diagonals and linear forms.


Simple and versatile with regal elegance.

Featuring a solid ash wood frame, the Vesta chair combines simplicity and elegance. 

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