Room fragrances and Diffusers

Strong or delicate, lively or subdued, Natuzzi Italia room fragrances bring to every home the scents of Puglia,
its land and its sea.


Spezie e agrumi 1

The harmony between citrus fragrances, tipical of mediterranean and spices, inebriates your home with sensual notes, making it friendly and family.

Acqua marina 1

Seawater with its fresh and sparkling notes reminds the sea, the sun and the sea salt.

Cassis 1

With its fruity and intense scent, cassis fragrance inebriates gently the room but at the same time with character as only a good glass of red wine can do.

Fico e mandorla 1

Fragrance that remembers green and intense scent of the leaves, typical of Mediterranean; vivaciously combined with the aroma of bitter almonds.

Fiore di melograno 1

Fruity and flowery notes of pomegranate give fresh and comfortable senses.

Te bianco 1

Rare and precious fragrance, with suggestive and velvety notes, spreads gently in the room.


Products which conceal the fragrances of Puglia.

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