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Design, quality and beauty are combined in the Natuzzi Italia table, creating a warm and welcoming space in which the various parts come together in an elegant and harmonious way.


Cutlery made by hand, in resin and brushed steel.
The collection includes: knife, fork, spoon, dessert spoon and coffee spoon.

A series of dishes and bowls with an essential, highly innovative design. The Pebbles collection is inspired by nature and by a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Sospiro Glasses

Sospiro glasses have a clean, balanced design and are made from borosilicate glass, a light and strong material.

Cibò Cutlery

Cibò cutlery offers the perfect complement to the plates. Manufactured entirely in Italy, they make a stylish contribution to the mise-en-place.

Orlo Plates

The distinguishing characteristic of the Orlo plates is their unique craftsmanship, making them an exclusive addition to the table.

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